Mission Statement

It is the objective of New England Plasma to perform all activities with dedication to quality of our product, processes and engineering.

Please see our Certifications and Approvals section for a list of our current industry and customer certification and approvals.

Quality Control

Individual Excellence:

NEP encourages each employee to maintain an objective of excellence in each task that they perform. NEP management assists employees in their pursuit of excellence by providing them with leadership, training, and the tools necessary to improve their skills and stay current with industry innovation.

Corporate Excellence:

Our corporate objective is to sustain a high-level of quality control, to ensure that NEP is the recognized and desired choice of customers. In order to maintain our objective and to provide quality assurances, a thorough quality system is in place and maintained. Our quality system guarantees that our special processes and services meet the design intent and specific requirements of our customer and government regulatory agencies. New England Plasma is ITAR registered.